Welcome onboard everyone!

Let us all gonna have fun

while reading views and issues around

with your coffee, juice or love one!

A brief Story of me

I’d been a permanent employee

with an awesome package of salary,

but i decided to leave my previous company

to explore what’s really there for me,

and that happened just recently.


Maybe, it’s so strange for many

as it’s kinda lost of opportunity.

Perhaps, some even think of me

I’m out of my mind and I am crazy.

But, i didn’t think twice really

for i know what makes me happy.

Thus, it’s family over money

and freedom over a long office hour duty.

Trust, a lot of you can relate with me.


Thanks God! got this on line opportunity

to earn a living peacefully and stress-free

while love ones are just around me.


What is now amazing really

is the chance to share fully

my passion and thoughts locally

as well as globally.

Chance for everybody

This niche is actually

a platform not just to motivate everybody

but also to encourage every reader to voice out briefly

whatever issues, events or views, you’ve got presently

in the form of literature which is poetry.

Hence, you can send your articles freely

but it should be done originally

so I can include these in my blog eventually.


Avoid sending ones that are lengthy

to give way to other readers daily

who as well wish to be heard internationally.


Or if you can’t do it in the form of poetry,

you can just send any issue ( with reference ) to me

then, I’ll make a poem out of it eventually

and include these in my posts once ready.


You can communicate this with me

thru the comment space below as soon as you’re free.

Don’t hesitate to send these immediately

so i can publish these with my blogs early.

Purpose of the site

What this site aims apparently

is to move readers uniquely

through the author’s views and creativity.

All the best,

Julius Tinaza/poetryunderthetree.siterubix.com

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