As far as i remember

when i was younger

I’d always look forward for the months of September,

October, November and the most awaited – December.

It’s here where I used to start and gather

our neighbors, classmates and friends together

to rehearse our favorite Christmas hymns ever.

Then, we would carol to every house earlier

so we could earn a bit better

to make our Christmas seasons happier.

Missing the old feeling

“ber” months are here again coming,

oh! I remember that old feeling.

It had been so warming

as everything seemed really exciting;

everyone would start decorating,

even socks had earlier been hanging.

Families would then begin buying something,

folks  were already busy wrapping

their presents for the gift giving,

though Christmas still many days away from coming.


Oh! I’ve been missing those days really

as i can no longer feel that presently.

People now have been crazy with technology,

immersed with internet,  cellphones, etc. so deeply.

Youth and children have been indulged with these too early,

some even involved everywhere sexually.

So many crimes are committed daily;

lots of scams are there unceasingly,

you can name them all endlessly!

Fading values and culture

Well appreciated the advancement actually,

but we seem to forget our culture gradually.

Even our values have been diminishing apparently.

Please, don’t allow these to lose completely!

Let’s tap everyone’s shoulder

as sort of reminder.

That’s maybe the least we can share

but what’s important is – we care!

Just be safe and positive

Just hope and pray next days would be a lot better

especially this September – December and longer

Happy “ber” months to each and every reader,

Advance merry christmas to all of you there!


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