There’s nothing actually new

as drug addiction is an old issue.

I just can’t help to review

as our fight until now isn’t through.


What is the truth about drug addiction around?

Crime still everywhere and we’re not safe and sound.

Killings, rape and a lot more can be found.

Ask who is the suspect involved in those

and you’ll find out – addicts who are overdosed.


This has been ruining every family,

giving headaches to each community;

a  longtime problem already,

a struggle of society.

Culprit should be pursued SERIOUSLY!

Group of men in prison cell Stock Photo - 12736484

As we all know, there are these greedy

who call themselves businessmen proudly

while selling illegal commodity.

They are the culprit obviously!


Addicts are the victims here apparently

and their numbers are increasing rapidly.

They take medicines ( drugs ) yet dying slowly?

They’re the patients who need attention medically.

When is drug addiction gonna end?

This remains a question to many,

one of the longest time in history.

But when elections come, almost everybody

claims to end the problem primarily.


In fairness for those who are trying their best,

criminal charges have been served for the rest.

Some had been found guilty but nevertheless,

they can still do their thing without any mess!


Having said all of that,

people are just confused of the fact

and wonder why can’t this be totally stopped?,

what blocks the authority to end this crap?!

Family – plays a vital role

We can’t really say “children is our future”

If solution to drug addiction isn’t that sure.

How can we give them a “sense of pride”

If what they see around isn’t right?

As we all know basically,

we need to go back to each family.

It plays a very important role really,

let’s give our children attention closely!



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