How to protect our planet earth really

from the wrath of every natural calamity?

Can we do something to get rid of this reality?

These maybe the questions on our reflections usually. 


This year, starting January

through second quarter and presently,

people continue to suffer every tragedy

that devastates every country.


If you can still recall clearly

we started our New Year sadly

when mudslides hit California in January

killing more or less twenty,

destroying more than 300 structures suddenly.

Hualien Earthquake

Then, during the month of February,

a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan so quickly,

leaving 17 dead bodies in seconds only

resulting in damages of over $21 million reportedly.


Also, from February nineteen up to twenty three,

Ohio witnessed the worst floods in 20 years history.

On that same month, earthquake hit Papua New Guinea

causing damage of over $61 million property.

Dust storm – deadly!

India dust storm

Above picture, as we can see

dust storm hit India in May seriously.

Leaving over 125 dead bodies instantly,

uprooting every strong tree

and cutting off electricity

in various parts of the country.


Also, on May 17 of this year unfortunately,

a tornado also ripped thru western Germany

damaging houses with full intensity

and a number of casualty.

Volcano – Eruption and lava flow

Mount Kilauea Eruption

Another one recorded in Hawaii,

the eruption of Kilauea volcano abruptly

and this began on may three.

As monitored, the seismic activity

has reached 8 weeks of lava flow continuously

which destroyed dozens of structure in the country.


On the following month, June three

was the eruption at Mount Fuego, Guatemala unexpectedly

With the death toll reaching up to thirty

And over two million people were affected, some with injury.

Worst floods in India.

Beginning in 15 august 2018 as we can recall,

severe floods affected Kerala, India due to rainfall.

Recorded as its worst flooding in nearly a century

Over 483 died, 14 missing & at least 1M were evacuated immediately.


Here comes September which considered by many

as the most tragic month definitely.

There was hurricane Florence in Carolina

and at least 16 tornadoes in Virginia.

32 people have been killed in these phenomena.

Typhoon and landslides in the Philippines

Philippines has been in grief presently

due to series of recent tragedy.

Some regions are under “state of calamity”

which is common in this country yearly.

AFTERMATH. Super Typhoon Lawin (Haima) battered Cagayan on October 19, 2016. Photo by Raymon Dullana/Rappler

It started with typhoon Ompong on September fourteen

destroying homes like a wrecking machine.

More than P2 billion of damage to schools alone.

Inflicted damages to agriculture worth around p26 billion

most are in Central and Northern part of Luzon.


It registered a death toll of a hundred nearly

according to the latest tally.

Most are from Cordillera with more than sixty.

Estimated amount of damage has reached over P16B.

Rescuers searching for people trapped in a landslide caused by Typhoon Mangkhut at a small-scale mining camp in Itogon in the Philippines yesterday.

But it didn’t stop there sadly.

Twin landslides occurred separately

in Itogon, Benguet and Naga, Cebu respectively.

Dozens are missing from this mining community

and those who are living in that area of quarry.


Yes, all of these are caused by natural catastrophe

but, can’t we not be blamed of these partly?,

We had been warned to stay away and close these repeatedly,

but still chose to give these businesses priority!

A message to ponder

As we tend to look around

trees now can be seldom found,

They’re supposed to shed us from the sun

and protect us from floods and any harm.

But what have we done?


The emergence of every calamity

thus has a message for us clearly.

These remind us of our responsibility

to protect our planet earth closely!




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