What we see above is undeniably,

a long time issue in our society,

for a “third world” especially

that struggles economically.


For those with a certain degree,

It’s not even a guarantee

to have a decent job opportunity

to help a poor family.


If that is the real story,

how about those who didn’t study

in any college or university?

Number is even growing

There’s so many graduates yearly,

but no enough job vacancy.

Some even resort to be employed as nanny,

how unfortunate would that be.

Fortunate are those in a territory

with a good unemployment security.

However, it is indeed so pity

for those in a corrupt country!

Where are we heading for?

If unemployment grows continuously,

how can we eradicate poverty?

If there’s a lot of people who are hungry,

how can we stop criminality?

Many people around are fond of scam – “easy money”

then, “gun for hire” is rampant already.

Drug addictions still there obviously

as drug lords can still do their activity

Even they’re inside the prison cell already.

Don’t rely and detour

Given the whole situation,

what matters really is to stand on your own.

Don’t rely on politicians’ bogus platform during election

and stuck by your pride or depression.

Instead, use your education as your motivation,

do some actions then keep moving on!



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