As written in business dictionary,

Generation Y or the Millennials as known to everybody,

are people born during the 1980s until early 1990s accordingly.

They are also referred to as “echo boomers” actually

as they are the baby boomers’ children who are historically,

born between 1946 and 1964 and during those times reportedly,

lots of babies were conceived and birth rates spiked globally.

Pros of Millennials

Why are Millennials optimistic really?

According to survey conducted recently,

It is because they are tech-savvy,

they are multi-taskers and full of creativity;

collaborative and with flexibility,

they make every job so fast and easy.


Also, they’re fond of serving people with empathy,

always prefer to work with transparency,

that is coupled with genuine sincerity

and you can often see their humility.


Millennials hate corruption and lack of accountability

especially by the government officials who are so greedy.

They expect their leaders to take actions promptly

and believe they can influence how decisions are made in society.

They’re so confident as they feel entitled to success.

Many expect their education can launch them to greatness;

claiming their generation’s power is limitless

and believe their potentials are endless.

Cons of Millennials

It has also been studied and known

Millennials however, often seek for gratification;

they always expect for a recognition

as they used to receive an affirmation

from “baby boomers” of the past generation.

They also say, some are gossipers

and many are job hoppers;

Delusional with traditional views

and they are less-religious.


Millennials got the largest population,

many parents involved in separation;

single moms are not in good situation

though they keep standing alone and moving on.

Inspirations of generations

If Michael Jackson was a “baby boomer”

“Millenials” have Marc Zuckerberg & Justin Bieber.

If “Generation X” is when Jordan was born,

“Generation Y” has also Lebron.

“Generation Z” got Smosh, the comedy sensation?

Keep my mouth shut for…shhhh! ”Silent generation”.

Mark Zuckerberg Changes Facebook Mission | PEOPLE.com



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